Winter Exhibition At Clark Art Gallery


We are very excited about our new winter exhibition to be held at our gallery in Hale, showcasing paintings and drawings from some of our favourite artists!

Running from the 12th November 2016 to the 31st January 2017, the exhibition will feature prominent artist work by the likes of Adolphe Valette, Peter Brook and Geoffrey Key and so on.

Whatsmore, new pieces of work will be continually added to the exhibition so its a must for all art aficionados!

For more information, call Clark Art Gallery on 0161 929 5150.

Clark Art Gallery are specialists in L.S. Lowry and Modern British art.

Adolphe Valette Works




Adolphe Valette taught L.S Lowry for many years at the Manchester School of Art and played a major role in his development as an artist. Lowry said of him:


“I cannot over-estimate the effect on me… of the coming into this drab city of Adolphe Valette, full of French Impressionists, aware of everything that was going on in Paris. He had a freshness… that was a very wonderful thing… I had not seen drawings like these before.”


As part of our Spring Exhibition we are showing five works on paper by Valette. All are animal studies and these fully authenticated works come from a large portfolio of his sketches. Valette was very fond of farm animals and dogs, his sketchpad was never far away and he was quick to capture the movement of an animal. These quick studies in pencil, charcoal and watercolour give us an insight into how he worked and some of the animals he sketched later appeared in oil paintings and watercolours.


Adolphe Valette

Young Hen


8½ x 11½ ins



Adolphe Valette

Two Cows


12 x 9 ins



Adolphe Valette

Study of Goats

Pencil drawing

9 x 12 ins




Adolphe Valette

Sleeping Calf

Pencil drawing

7½ x 9½ ins



Adolphe Valette

Sleeping Dog, 1916

Pencil drawing

4 x 5¼ ins

Adolphe Valette Painter

Adolphe-Valette-PainterAdolphe Valette Painter was a French impressionist painter who has an early signficant ‘career defining’ influence on L.S. Lowry, when a pupil of Adolphe Valette at the Municipal School of Art in Manchester. Lowry described Vallete’s work as having a “freshness… not seeing drawings like this before”, while going on to call him a ‘real teacher’; ‘a dedicated teacher’ who ultimately taught him new techniques and how to use the urban landscape as his subject matter. Continue reading “Adolphe Valette Painter” »