Adolphe Valette Painter

Adolphe-Valette-PainterAdolphe Valette PainterĀ was a French impressionist painter who has an early signficant ‘career defining’ influence on L.S. Lowry, when a pupil of Adolphe Valette at the Municipal School of Art in Manchester. Lowry described Vallete’s work as having a “freshness… not seeing drawings like this before”, while going on to call him a ‘real teacher’; ‘a dedicated teacher’ who ultimately taught him new techniques and how to use the urban landscape as his subject matter.

As a painter with his own brand of impressionism, Adolphe Vallete’s arrival in Manchester- via a brief stint in London–coincided with him producing stunning paintings that depicted Manchester city scenes through its various atmospheric moods, from streets to squares, waterways and buildings; for which L.S. Lowry certainly used as his inspiration when creating his own work.

Adolphe Valette painter continued to paint his depictions of every day life, exhibiting in Manchester and with The Society Of Modern Painters-for which he was a co-founder -in Liverpool, on a regular basis.

Leaving England in 1928, he returned to his homeland to carry out his final years painting beautifully coloured French landscapes and domestic scenes until his passing in 1942, leaving a lasting impression and legacy on the history of Manchester art.

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