Lowry’s Genius

Video from a few years back that was seen in the Sunday Times newspaper regarding L.S. Lowry; titled “Lowry’s genius”.

Below, Bill Clark, owner of Hale based Clark Art Gallery explains how the opening shots of the video feature a Lowry painting that he owned and subsequently sold.

I’ve just come across this video embedded in a Sunday Times article about L.S. Lowry. It features writer and art critic Julian Spalding talking about Lowry at the Lowry Centre in Salford. It’s interesting for me as the opening shots feature Lowry’s painting of The Old Toll House on the Moors, 1959. I used to own this painting and sold it on the opening night of our hugely successful Lowry and his Legacy exhibition in June 2013. This painting also featured on the invite card for the exhibition.


Clark Art Gallery are specialists in L.S. Lowry and Modern British Art,

L.S. Lowry Pencil Drawing


We have just acquired this fantastic L.S. Lowry pencil drawing. At 16” x 11”, Child with Doll is an unusually large work on paper. It was drawn in 1968 when Lowry was nearly 80 and is a very powerful image. During the 1960s Lowry concentrated on drawing single figures or groups with an obsessive intensity.

Lowry was reportedly fascinated with dolls, and his cousin May recalled occasions when they played together with dolls as children. Later in life Lowry was to become especially captivated with the ballet Coppelia in which a life like doll, created by a certain Dr Coppelius, exerts a powerful hold over a young villager who falls in love with her.

This drawing has extensive provenance and exhibition history and is illustrated in Mervyn Levy’s 1976 book, “The Drawings of L.S.Lowry, Public and Private”

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Going Home by L.S. Lowry


Just added to our current show – “Going Home” a 6.5″ x 7.5″ pencil drawing by L.S. Lowry. This drawing is originally from the collection of David Carr (1915-1968), a young painter who became a collector of Lowry’s work. The two became very close, and despite their very different ages and backgrounds, the friendship with Carr offered Lowry a new perspective and exposure to the work of the younger generation of artists.

Over a period of years Carr built up a significant collection of Lowry’s paintings and drawings. Many of the Lowry works he bought such as “Home from the Pub”, “The Prayer Meeting” and The Creditors’ Meeting””, featured not crowds but collections or groupings of distinct individuals. In “Going Home”, Lowry has been able to capture great movement in the figures with a few simple pencil strokes. It is easy to see why this drawing appealed to Carr. The next owner of this drawing was the prominent British artist Prunella Clough (1919-1999), it is not known if Carr gave it to her or if she bought it off him.

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L.S Lowry


The paintings and pencil drawings of L.S Lowry depicted industrial landscapes of Northern England, serving to record the period, culture and landscape of the ‘industrial north’ comprehensively for generations. Lowry’s distinctive style of painting-using stylised figures and brooding portraits and mysterious, unpopulated landscapes-led him to become unquestionably one the most celebrated British artists of all time; famed throughout the world. Continue reading “L.S Lowry” »

Unseen Lowry sells for £410,000 | Granada – ITV News|Clark Art Would Have Liked Their Hands On This!

A previously unseen L.S. Lowry painting has just sold for £410,000 at auction, which surpassed expectation after being expected to fetch £250,000 at Sotherby’s.

‘Outside The Factory’ was given as a thank you gift to a children’s author in the 1950’s.

Clark Art Gallery in Hale is one of  ‘the’ leading specialists for L.S Lowry paintings; having bought and sold many of the acclaimed painter’s works.

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Unseen Lowry sells for £410,000 | Granada – ITV News.