The Inspiration Behind Stacey Manton

Stacey Manton is a local artist based in Stockport whose work captures everyday people going about their normal routine, with stunning results.

Stacey began painting whilst still a child at school, beginning with basic drawings, such as cartoons, which were followed by images of the teachers that taught him. His father recognised his talent at an early age and encouraged him to paint and show off his designs.

Growing up, he was enthused by LS Lowry’s paintings of street people, as well as being meeting the legendary Charlie Shiels whilst still a college student, and being subsequently taught by him. He admired both Shiels work and his personality, and still thinks of the late artist as one of his main sources of inspiration.

After education, Stacey spent a period in Hong Kong as a successful illustrator. During this time his confidence grew and he began to develop his own unique style. He decided that he did not want to become a commercial artist, and instead followed his urge to paint anything that caught his eye; notably everyday people and locations that he found interesting to look at.

One of the most recurring people to feature in his work is a man named Alan, who plays music on the streets of Manchester. He is surrounded by bags filled with books, and speaks eloquently having studied at Oxford. Stacey has since formed a friendship with the man, and often speaks to him when in the city centre, listening to his stories and assimilating the knowledge his possesses. He is one of the many examples of Stacey’s interest in everyday people.

A piece his of artwork often begins with a photograph. Sometimes he asks permission to feature characters in his work, and at other times catches them without asking in order for the scene to be as natural as possible. After viewing the image he has taken, he begins to chop and change it until he is happy with the final result, and then starts to paint.

Stacey highlights that one of the difficulties of any artist is knowing when to stop. It is easy to become carried away with a portrait, and once overboard can get take the painting back to square one. He has made a deal with himself that once he signs his work it is completed. Even if he finds something later that he would like to change, once his name is on the piece he will not touch it again.

His work was featured in a two year exhibition at Manchester City Art Gallery . He has appeared on BBC’s Rolf on Art and was an art adviser on the BBC Pre-Raphelites series. Stacey’s work has also featured on the album sleeves of the Mancunian band, I am Kloot.

Stacey Manton‘s work is now becoming very collectable and he is one of the rising stars of northern art.

His work can be viewed at


Stephen Campbell work sold whilst still wet

Stephen Campbell is one of a new wave of artists currently generating lots of interest and praise within the art world. At barely 27 years of age, his works are already in high demand across the country, and can sell for thousands of pounds.

Stephen is unique because he creates his own paint from high quality pigments, oils resins and waxes in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible. His distinctive work is so exciting as the distorted images he paints are not derived from a lens, but from his own imagination. He can often be found sitting in a café on King Street, or stood on the streets of Manchester painting well known locations in his own unique style. His work is often finished in his studio, where he can take the time to build upon layers of glazes using different materials in order to achieve the finished painting..

Stephens work sold out in our recent Northern Art Past and Present show at Clark Art Gallery in Hale. He recently visited the gallery to drop off four new small paintings he had finished earlier in the day. The work stirred up so much interest that three had been sold after only a few hours, before they had even been framed and whilst the paint was still drying on the canvas.

Stephen Campbell is a young artist with a great future ahead of him and is already building a strong following amongst collectors.