Ben Kelly Exhibition

Ben-Kelly-ExhibitionAs the biggest selling exhibition by a northern artist to date, the Ben Kelly Exhibition at Clark Art -based in Hale Cheshire- has already seen 95 of this acclaimed artist’s paintings snapped up by art aficionados who have recognised the undoubted talent Ben Kelly possesses. It has been a great opportunity to purchase art by one of the most important northern artists of his generation while also making sound business investment sense as a tangible alternative to property, bonds and equities. Continue reading “Ben Kelly Exhibition” »

Ben Kelly Paintings

Ben-Kelly-PaintingsBen Kelly Paintings from the acclaimed Macclesfield based artist, have been taking the art world by storm, with each exhibition he has held-including his latest ‘The World of Ben Kelly‘-which, sold out before the opening night; being ‘the’ biggest selling show ever by a northern artist, with a large waiting list for his sought after works. A phenomenon -already-in the northern art scene, his enviable reputation has spread throughout the United Kingdom as art lovers clamber to purchase a sought after Ben Kelly painting not only for admiration of the work but also as a sound financial investment for the future, which is part of an ever growing movement to buy art as a positive alternative asset to property, bonds or equities. Continue reading “Ben Kelly Paintings” »