L.S Lowry


The paintings and pencil drawings of L.S Lowry depicted industrial landscapes of Northern England, serving to record the period, culture and landscape of the ‘industrial north’ comprehensively for generations. Lowry’s distinctive style of painting-using stylised figures and brooding portraits and mysterious, unpopulated landscapes-led him to become unquestionably one the most celebrated British artists of all time; famed throughout the world. Continue reading “L.S Lowry” »

No longer art for art’s sake, galleries note surge in buys for investment – The Malaysian Insider|Clark Art Gallery Specialists In Modern British Artists

Interesting article regarding the ‘surge’ in buying art for investment purposes, which has increased significantly over recent years with people wanting to invest in a piece of art that will accumulate worth and-in some instances-qualify for a tax deduction.

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No longer art for art’s sake, galleries note surge in buys for investment – The Malaysian Insider.

Phil George Painter

Phil-George-PainterPhil George Painter is an acclaimed northern artist whose work continues to be eagerly snapped up by admirers and art aficionados, who recognise the ‘investment potential’ owning a Phil George Painting will have in the future. Phil is currently enjoying great commercial success and his paintings of everyday northern scenes are a nostalgic nod to the sights and sounds of the past. They bring to life an era that has long since ceased to exist. Continue reading “Phil George Painter” »

Reg Gardner Painter

Reg-Gardner-PainterReg Gardner Painter is one of the most well-respected and sought after artists in the North and throughout the country. A best-selling northern artist, his undoubted talent coupled with vast experience, means his work is always in demand from both collectors and art aficionados looking for a ‘sound’ investment for the future. Continue reading “Reg Gardner Painter” »