John Bellany Painter

John-Bellany-PainterJohn Bellany PainterĀ was one of Scotland’s most acclaimed painters, drawing his inspirations from the East Lothian seascape and fishing communities that left an indelible mark on his childhood. The power of the Scottish sea and its landscape was very much his spiritual home, which John Bellany was able to capture and incorporate into a great deal of the paintings he produced. Continue reading “John Bellany Painter” »

Theodore Major Painter


Theodore Major PainterĀ established himself as a leading Lancashire painter with his work transcending the boundaries of the county when he was alive and since his death in 1999. Noted for his grim depictions of Wigan streets and factories, he was also known for the vibrancy and individualism his paintings evoke, in particular flower pieces, lonely seascapes and industrial settings.

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Brian Shields Painter

Brian-Shields-PainterBrian Shields PainterĀ was a much revered northern artist whose depictions of his childhood memories are the basis of a great deal of his works. Born in Liverpool, he was the son of an established artist ‘Dennis Shields’ but was discouraged to become a professional artist himself, instead, becoming a trainee chef.

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