Stephen Campbell Exhibition


The talented Manchester painter Stephen Campbell will be showcasing his paintings at 3 Hardman Place in Spinningfields, Manchester on the 7th and 8th of December- 11 am to 6pm each day.

Included in this new exhibition will be Stephen’s unique painting creation: A 3 dimensional piece of work called a ‘Rhombic Enneacontahedron’ which is made up of 90 individual painted sections, which are all connected together to depict the Castlefield area of Manchester.

Self taught, Stephen is part of a new wave of exciting new artists working in Manchester, whose work is highly sought after with its depiction of everyday life as he sees it.

Having exhibited extensively since 2006, 31 year old Stephen’s exhibition is well worth a visit!

Clark Art Gallery are based in Hale, Cheshire. They are specialists in L.S.Lowry and Modern British Art.

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Bob Richardson 3 New Pastels


Three new pastels from Bob Richardson depicting Dunham House and the park. Well known for his lovely use of light from his hazy summer scenes to some of the rainy and reflective images of Manchester city centre. Bob has painted some lovely cities from Venice and Florence to name just a couple to our ever changing Manchester, his work is always in great demand and is found in many prominent collections.

Salford born Bob is a member of the Pastel Society and regularly exhibits at the invitation shows of the Confederation of British Artists and the Mall galleries in London.

Clark Art Gallery in Hale, Cheshire are specialists in L.S.Lowry and Modern British Art. Call now on 0161 929 5150.

Winter Exhibition At Clark Art Gallery


We are very excited about our new winter exhibition to be held at our gallery in Hale, showcasing paintings and drawings from some of our favourite artists!

Running from the 12th November 2016 to the 31st January 2017, the exhibition will feature prominent artist work by the likes of Adolphe Valette, Peter Brook and Geoffrey Key and so on.

Whatsmore, new pieces of work will be continually added to the exhibition so its a must for all art aficionados!

For more information, call Clark Art Gallery on 0161 929 5150.

Clark Art Gallery are specialists in L.S. Lowry and Modern British art.

L.S. Lowry Pencil Drawing


We have just acquired this fantastic L.S. Lowry pencil drawing. At 16” x 11”, Child with Doll is an unusually large work on paper. It was drawn in 1968 when Lowry was nearly 80 and is a very powerful image. During the 1960s Lowry concentrated on drawing single figures or groups with an obsessive intensity.

Lowry was reportedly fascinated with dolls, and his cousin May recalled occasions when they played together with dolls as children. Later in life Lowry was to become especially captivated with the ballet Coppelia in which a life like doll, created by a certain Dr Coppelius, exerts a powerful hold over a young villager who falls in love with her.

This drawing has extensive provenance and exhibition history and is illustrated in Mervyn Levy’s 1976 book, “The Drawings of L.S.Lowry, Public and Private”

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Going Home by L.S. Lowry


Just added to our current show – “Going Home” a 6.5″ x 7.5″ pencil drawing by L.S. Lowry. This drawing is originally from the collection of David Carr (1915-1968), a young painter who became a collector of Lowry’s work. The two became very close, and despite their very different ages and backgrounds, the friendship with Carr offered Lowry a new perspective and exposure to the work of the younger generation of artists.

Over a period of years Carr built up a significant collection of Lowry’s paintings and drawings. Many of the Lowry works he bought such as “Home from the Pub”, “The Prayer Meeting” and The Creditors’ Meeting””, featured not crowds but collections or groupings of distinct individuals. In “Going Home”, Lowry has been able to capture great movement in the figures with a few simple pencil strokes. It is easy to see why this drawing appealed to Carr. The next owner of this drawing was the prominent British artist Prunella Clough (1919-1999), it is not known if Carr gave it to her or if she bought it off him.

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Peter Brook: Hannah Hauxwell ‘Waving Goodbye’


One of the most popular paintings in our current exhibition is Peter Brook’s large canvas of Hannah Hauxwell Waving Goodbye. Hannah became a celebrity in the 1970s when Granada TV produced a series of progammes on her life at Low Birk Hatt Farm. Peter Brook did over 60 paintings of Hannah and Hannah Hauxwell Waving Goodbye was his favourite. He would never sell it whilst he was alive. Low Birk Hatt recently came up for sale and this article gives more information on Hannah’s story.…/Remote-smallholding-stoic-farm…

Peter Brook: Hannah Hauxwell ‘Waving Goodbye is part of ‘ A Decade in Hale’ exhibition being held to celebrate 10 years of Clark Art Gallery in Hale.

Rediscovered Francis Bacon portraits up for auction – BBC News

Rediscovered Francis Bacon portraits up for auction – BBC News.

Interesting story regarding rediscovered artwork that was found in a private collection; valued at around £15 million each by the Irish-born British figurative painter Francis Bacon!

Clark Art specialise in Modern British artists, able to source particular artists’ paintings with contacts throughout the country and abroad.

They are always interested in buying paintings from private collections.

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Adolphe Valette Works




Adolphe Valette taught L.S Lowry for many years at the Manchester School of Art and played a major role in his development as an artist. Lowry said of him:


“I cannot over-estimate the effect on me… of the coming into this drab city of Adolphe Valette, full of French Impressionists, aware of everything that was going on in Paris. He had a freshness… that was a very wonderful thing… I had not seen drawings like these before.”


As part of our Spring Exhibition we are showing five works on paper by Valette. All are animal studies and these fully authenticated works come from a large portfolio of his sketches. Valette was very fond of farm animals and dogs, his sketchpad was never far away and he was quick to capture the movement of an animal. These quick studies in pencil, charcoal and watercolour give us an insight into how he worked and some of the animals he sketched later appeared in oil paintings and watercolours.


Adolphe Valette

Young Hen


8½ x 11½ ins



Adolphe Valette

Two Cows


12 x 9 ins



Adolphe Valette

Study of Goats

Pencil drawing

9 x 12 ins




Adolphe Valette

Sleeping Calf

Pencil drawing

7½ x 9½ ins



Adolphe Valette

Sleeping Dog, 1916

Pencil drawing

4 x 5¼ ins