New Northerners Art Exhibition – Clark Art Ltd

New Northerners Art Exhibition – Clark Art Ltd

19th May 2016


Clark Art Gallery are the leading purveyors of British modern art, with a keen interest in Northern School artists in particular. Gallery owner Bill Clark is proud to announce the opening of their current exhibition, New Northerners, which features recent artworks from eight of the finest Northern School artists: Stephen Campbell, Ben Kelly, Stacey Manton, Liam Spencer, Phil George, Helen Clapcott, Reg Gardner and Bob Richardson contribute a nostalgic perspective of modern Northern life in a variety of scenes and mediums, that reflect the legacy of L.S. Lowry and a nostalgia for everyday 20th century life.

A 47 year age difference between the youngest (Campbell) and oldest (Richardson) of the exhibition’s artists ensures a wide range of experience. Stephen Campbell’s self-taught background and experimental vigour has seen his popularity soar. Reg Gardner won his first art competition at the age of 12, and has been producing sterling works ever since. Similarly, Stacey Manton has been working with oils since age seven, with 14 of his works on show in New Northerners. A breakthrough exhibition has elevated Liam Spencer to great popularity in recent years, becoming one of the most successful artists of the region. Helen Clapcott’s work hauntingly reminisces for long-lost landmarks, which contrast Bob Richardson’s idyllic springtime scenes. Phil George captures scenes of life in the shipyards, where he was raised while Ben Kelly paints from the heart of a football fan; depicting a year in the life of Manchester City football club with some 30 paintings capturing the occasion.

New artworks are regularly being included in the exhibition to keep up with popular demand, and their catalogue is now 68 pages in length. More than 40 of the 67 original artworks have already been sold for an eagerly anticipated exhibition heralding ‘the finest’ Northern School artists.

The exhibition runs from 19th May to 25th June 2016 at:

Clark Art Gallery
155 Ashley Road,
Cheshire.                                                                                                                             WA14 2UW

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