Theodore Major Painter


Theodore Major Painter established himself as a leading Lancashire painter with his work transcending the boundaries of the county when he was alive and since his death in 1999. Noted for his grim depictions of Wigan streets and factories, he was also known for the vibrancy and individualism his paintings evoke, in particular flower pieces, lonely seascapes and industrial settings.

Essentially a self-taught painter, Theodore Major did in fact study at Wigan Art School between 1927-1932 and subsequently taught there in the years 1930-1950. Establishing his reputation, Theodore Major can be categorised as a painter ‘for the people’ with his deference to materialism, the commercial gallery system and the sale of his pictures to rich collectors.

Theodore Major painter exhibited with his close contemporary L.S Lowry in the 1950’s- such was his standing at the time- being recognised as one of the most important northern artists of his generation. The renowned art critic John Berger called his pictures “among the best English paintings of our time. Had he not shunned fame and fortune he would have been as big as L.S Lowry, whose paintings are now selling for up to £5 million. Major’s brooding Wigan landscapes are now widely collected by art aficionados from all over the country.

Clark Art Gallery in Hale, Cheshire are proud to announce an important exhibition from the 23rd January to the 28th February of works on Theodore Major and L.S Lowry within their current Winter Exhibition. This exhibition coincides with an important exhibition at the Atkinson Art Gallery in Southport entitled L.S Lowry and Theodore Major – Two Lancashire painters.

Some 19 works by both revered artists will be available to view, with new works being added during the exhibition.,.uk