John Bellany Painter

John-Bellany-PainterJohn Bellany PainterĀ was one of Scotland’s most acclaimed painters, drawing his inspirations from the East Lothian seascape and fishing communities that left an indelible mark on his childhood. The power of the Scottish sea and its landscape was very much his spiritual home, which John Bellany was able to capture and incorporate into a great deal of the paintings he produced.

As a painter, John Bellany was known for producing large paintings-exclusively on wooden panels-that depicted scenes of fisherman’s life with tough expressionism and religious symbolism-he was brought up within a strict Christian Calvinist faith-that would define his work throughout his painting life.

The success of John Bellany painter, sees his work hang in notable locations like The Tate, The National Portrait Gallery and New York’s Museum of Modern Art and perhaps more memorably in the National Galleries of Scotland, with an exhibition showcasing his work over a period of time, for which Bellany deemed to be the highlight of his career.

Despite major trauma coinciding throughout his painting career-a dependency on alcohol, decline in mental and physical health and personal tragedy with the death of his father and suicide of Juliet his second wife-he maintained a remarkable ability to produce defining pieces of work which helped focus his mind from the events in his life.

Plaudits continued to be directed towards John Bellany, with such artists as Damian Hirst being great admirers of his work as ‘the’ pre-eminent Scottish painter of his era.

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