Brian Shields Painter

Brian-Shields-PainterBrian Shields Painter was a much revered northern artist whose depictions of his childhood memories are the basis of a great deal of his works. Born in Liverpool, he was the son of an established artist ‘Dennis Shields’ but was discouraged to become a professional artist himself, instead, becoming a trainee chef.

As a painter, Brian Shields artistic talents did not flourish until an ‘incident’ in a Harrogate Hotel where he attempted to brighten the drab surroundings up with a mural. Signed ‘Braaq’ on account of his artistic nickname at school (a misspelling of the famous French  artist Braque ) this caused a stir in the local area as the true identity was sought for this mysterious artist.

From this point, Brian Shields became a painter much in demand as he embarked on his new career with real verve and enthusiasm. Holding exhibitions in the seventies his star continued to rise. He held four exhibitions in London’s West End that culminated in him being described as “one of the six most successful artists in England” by The Times newspaper.

Since his death in 1997, his paintings have continued to be bought by art aficionados looking for a sound investment and those who have a great love for his humorous take on a child’s view growing up. His paintings have increased considerably in value over the last few years with one work selling at auction last year for £68,000

Brian Shields ‘Braaq’ is one of a number of favourite artists whose newly acquired work is being exhibited as part of the Winter Exhibition at Clark Art Gallery in Hale, Cheshire. 0161 929 5150 from the 8th November 2014 to the 28th February 2015.