William Turner Painter


William Turner Painter was one of the last of the great Northern industrial painters; being part of the famed Northern School of Artists who were influenced by the leading visionary painters like L.S. Lowry and the continental expressionists. Born in 1920, William Turner’s career was built upon his depiction of the industrial northern heartlands, encapsulating towering cotton mills, billowing chimneys within a gritty and hardened landscape that was interspersed with reds, oranges, yellow and blues, to cut through the grim reality of the subject matter.

As a painter, William Turner had a wide subject matter, a vivid imagination and an amazing visual memory. He produced scintillating creations that truly captured a fast disappearing industrial landscape; that were entirely his own vision. His main influences were the German Impressionists and French Fauves, which Turner re-interpreted their colours and techniques within the industrial landscapes he painted.

William Turner Painter perhaps gained the recognition he deserved in later life, with a one man show in 2005 that described him as one of the very few British artists to fully engage with European expressionist art. Even after his death in 2013, his work has continued to be popular with art aficionados and collectors; recognised as one of the most important Northern industrial painters of his generation.

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