L.S Lowry


The paintings and pencil drawings of L.S Lowry depicted industrial landscapes of Northern England, serving to record the period, culture and landscape of the ‘industrial north’ comprehensively for generations. Lowry’s distinctive style of painting-using stylised figures and brooding portraits and mysterious, unpopulated landscapes-led him to become unquestionably one the most celebrated British artists of all time; famed throughout the world.

Born in Manchester in 1887, L.S. Lowry drew a great deal of his inspiration from the sights and sounds of his surroundings, having lived and worked in the industrial town of Pendlebury, Salford, for which Lowry garnered so much of his creativity. With its textile mills and factory chimneys, Pendlebury evoked a response in Lowry that would shape his artistic vision and become the ‘subject’ of so many of his defining works.

L.S Lowry’s work was and is without parallel. His interest in urban and industrial landscapes and his depiction of these has been referenced and copied by artists throughout the decades, serving as an influence to this day, with his work continuing to be highly collectible and sought after by art aficionados and those looking for an investment.

Clark Art Gallery-based in Hale, Cheshire-is the leading L.S. Lowry gallery in the country, currently exhibiting six pencil drawings by Lowry that are available to view and purchase as part of their Winter Exhibition 2014/15. 8th November 2014 to 28th February 2015.

Go to www.clark-art.co.uk for more information.