Trevor Grimshaw Painter


Trevor Grimshaw Painter was a notable English artist whose unique style of working in oils, charcoal and graphite, produced wonderfully stylised and atmospheric depictions of the Northern industrial landscape. Having studied art at college in the sixties, he quickly began to exhibit throughout the United Kingdom-notably the Royal Academy in the 1970’s-gaining popularity from art collectors and recognition from artists alike-most notably the revered L.S. Lowry.

As a painter Trevor Grimshaw was able to capture the essence of a Northern industrial landscape, providing a powerful and clear impression of how the land once looked. Evocative, with an ethereal beauty, his monochrome drawings and paintings perfectly encapsulated the subject he was portraying.

Much of his work included his passion :steam engines and trainspotting, for which he used for the basis of a number of his works and was an integral part of his persona- from childhood through to adulthood. Trevor Grimshaw painter was much celebrated and admired, with L.S. Lowry attending one of his earliest exhibitions leading to Grimshaw becoming a regular visitor to Lowry’s home.

Though tragedy would befall Grimshaw-dying in a house fire as an alcoholic and virtual recluse- his work is still exhibited today, gaining new popularity as an important contributor to the Northern art scene and beyond.

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