Stephen Campbell Painter

Stephen-Campbell-PainterStephen Campbell Painter is one of the new wave of exciting modern-day artists who is currently working in Manchester. His style is attributed to the observational talents he draws upon when looking at the world around him, providing a fresh, new feel to all his paintings; with the accent on distorted perspectives.

Self taught as a painter, Stephen Campbell is currently exhibiting as part of the renowned Clark Art Galleries ‘Winter Exhibition 2014/15’, which brings together some of Clark Art’s favourite artists to showcase their talents in an exhibition that runs from the 8th November till the 28th February 2015 at their Hale, Cheshire gallery.

Stephen Campbell had his first public commission as a painter at 17, while in 2007 he was awarded a BA (Hons) in Interactive Arts by Manchester Metropolitan University. With a ‘remarkable’ talent in conveying his thoughts perfectly on canvas-he even makes his own paints from high quality pigments oil resins and waxes-his rise to prominence is never in question, with his popularity measured in the amount of collectors in the UK and America who have eagerly snapped up his work for pleasure and potential investment returns in the future.

His most recent finished commission is the iconic Lyno Type Building in Broadheath, Altrincham that was part of the world’s first industrial park, which was founded way back in 1896 and pre-dated Trafford Park by over a decade.

For more information on Stephen Campbell and other notable northern artists, contact Clark Art Gallery on 0161 929 5150.