Reg Gardner Painter

Reg-Gardner-PainterReg Gardner Painter is one of the most well-respected and sought after artists in the North and throughout the country. A best-selling northern artist, his undoubted talent coupled with vast experience, means his work is always in demand from both collectors and art aficionados looking for a ‘sound’ investment for the future.

As a painter Reg Gardner is often categorized as a ‘northern impressionist’ who cites L.S. Lowry’s teacher Adolphe Valette as a major influence; while Monet is a painter Reg has immense admiration for. What sets Reg Gardner apart from many of his contemporaries, is his use of a small palette knife to produce sensational northern landscapes and street scenes with hardly the need to use any brushes, bringing to life everyday scenes with the accent on his own past memories.

His use of ‘poetic imagination’ to create his depicted scenes sets Reg Gardner painter aside from the artistic crowd. With a nostalgic feeling to his paintings, Reg is well-known for his mastery of depicting ‘light on water’ which transcends throughout his work and maintains his position as one of the foremost northern artist of his generation.

Reg Gardner is showcasing his work as part of Clark Art Ltd’s ‘Winter Exhibition’ which is being held at their Hale, Cheshire gallery. Running from the 8th November 2014 to the 28th February 2015, it comprises a selection of paintings and drawings from Clark Art’s favourite artists.

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