Liam Spencer Painter


Liam Spencer Painter is one of the most important northern artists of his generation and is best known for his urban landscapes of Manchester and Salford, depicting familiar scenes that encompass bridges, canals, motorways, industrial buildings and so on, giving a fresh and interesting perspective to his subject matter.

A Burnley born painter, Liam Spencer predominantly produces oils on board, painting what he sees on the street. He records fleeting impressions through his camera and emphasise his paintings with gleaming reflections that can be caused by car headlights, glistening roads and buildings. Painting fairly broadly with big brushes, Liam likes to depict daily scenes that the human eye just glances at, thus capturing ‘big impressions’ within his paintings.

Liam Spencer painter established his reputation as one of the foremost British artists of his time when in 2000 he exhibited at the prestigious opening of The Lowry in Salford, while in 2002 the re-opening of the Manchester Art Gallery saw two of Liam’s paintings proudly be exhibited; with one sitting alongside such Impressionist luminaries as Adolphe Valette, Camille & Lucien Pisarro and L.S Lowry.

Having exhibited throughout Britain, Liam Spencer’s work is sought after by art aficionados and his work is in many major collections.

Clark Art Gallery in Hale, Cheshire are proud to announce their forthcoming “Liam Spencer – First Impressions” Exhibition which opens on the 23rd March. Over 60 stunning works will be on display and a 56 page catalogue is available.

Call 0161 929 5150 or 07973 755 680 for more information.