L.S. Lowry Paintings Wanted

L.S. Lowry-Paintings-Wanted

L.S. Lowry Paintings Wanted by Clark Art Gallery in Hale, Cheshire. Specialising in modern, British artists, Clark Art Gallery are particularly interested in the buying of L.S. Lowry paintings, being an expert in finding ‘buyers’ through their extensive contacts around the country and abroad.

As one of the most celebrated and revered British artists of the 20th century, ‘wanted’ L.S. Lowry paintings can sell for very high prices, such is their popularity with art aficionados and those who are looking for a sound investment. With a wealth of experience, Clark Art Gallery are recognised as ‘the’ leading experts in all matter L.S. Lowry.

L.S.Lowry paintings and pencil drawings wanted by Clark Art Gallery can be sourced from around the country. Clark Art Gallery welcome appointments to discuss potential L.S. Lowry purchases, while also having the expertise to verify if a L.S. Lowry painting r drawing is genuine or a fake.

For all enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Clark Art Gallery on 0161 929 5150/07973 755 680.

Email: art@clark-art.co.uk